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Dr. Coryn Vickrey

Information about Pet First Aid

Pet Insurance

With recent medical advances in pet medicine, we are able to do more and more to help treat or cure disease, saving lives. Unfortunately, advanced medicine is also often expensive. More and more pet owners are turning to pet health insurance to help defray some of the costs of pet medical care. Listed below are some of the companies that offer insurance for your pet. We do not endorse any one program, and each policy will have different rules about exclusions or limits to coverage. Please do your due diligence before selecting a pet health policy.

Domestic Travel with your Pet

Did you know that many states regulate the travel of dogs and cats across their borders? Although the airline might not require it, depending on the state you are traveling to your pet may need to be accompanied by an official Interstate Health Certificate to legally enter the state. We can help you figure out if one of these certificates is required. Information can also be found on your destination state’s government agricultural website.

International Travel with your Pet

Travel with a pet is almost always a little stressful, but it is never more so than when you are travelling to another country. Planning ahead is essential, and saves you time and a lot of headache. If you are travelling internationally with your pet, you will need to get the proper information and forms regarding regulations of importing animals into foreign countries. Use this checklist to help you get organized.