About Whole Pet Veterinary Center

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About Whole Pet Veterinary Center

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The History of Whole Pet Vet Center

Whole Pet Veterinary Center started out as Carlson Veterinary Clinic in the 1980s, run by Dr. Dave Carlson. Dr. Mike Marshall purchased the practice from Dr. Carlson in 2006, who changed the company name to Westford Animal Hospital. Dr. Marshall sold the practice to Dr. Coryn Vickrey in May 2011. After years of brand-name competition from the newly opened Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center, Dr. Vickrey rebranded the company DBA to Whole Pet Veterinary Center in 2017. We feel this name better accurately describes our services to our clients with a focus on total pet wellness care, including nutritional and behavioral issues.

In October 2021, after the stress of the COVID pandemic, Dr. Vickrey partnered with Amerivet to help with the management side of the practice, allowing her to focus her efforts on patient care.

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Mission Statement

Our team strives to provide outstanding and compassionate medical care to our patients and clients, ensuring that each interaction is personalized to the individual family and patient needs. We foster a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere plus an excellent client experience through education, collaboration, and communication.

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Core Values

  • Provide customized patient care to meet individual patient and client needs.
  • Use honest and warm communication during interactions.
  • Respect our fellow employees and foster a professional and caring workplace.
  • Respect and embrace the unique bond our pets and clients share.
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To be the preferred family veterinary practice in the greater Westford area, providing a unique client experience as measured by client feedback and growth through client referrals.