Updated Policy for Online Pharmacy Requests

We respect the right of our clients to get their pet’s medication from the pharmacy of their choice. Unfortunately, due to the high number of requests by online pharmacies that are inappropriate, inaccurate and consume a significant amount of staffs’ time, we can no longer honor these requests.

Beginning July 1, 2023 we will be offering the following options to ensure your pet’s medications are received “safely” and at your “convenience”

1. If you would like to continue using an outside online pharmacy, we will provide a prescription that will be available for you to pick up at the clinic or we can mail the prescription directly to you. This service will be provided to our clients free of charge. You will then be able to send this prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

(Please Note: Some pharmacies may not accept emailed prescriptions, thus requiring you to mail the original)

**So that we may verify weight and correct dosing, please allow up to 72 hours (about 3 days) for this to be completed**

2. WPVC Online Pharmacy – New Online Pharmacy Coming Soon! June 6, 2023 https://shop.wholevets.com/pet/

  • Sit. Stay. Save. Shop local using our online pharmacy
  • Exclusive Online Savings
  • Autoship Convenience
  • Peace of mind knowing your pet’s medication is coming from an authorized manufacturer
  • Friendly customer service available by phone, text, chat
  • Compounded Medications available

3. In-Clinic pharmacy, we continue to stock medications for dispensing at the time of your appointment, or for pick up by calling or texting 978-692-4328

For More Convenient Service, Download the PETDESK APP
Thank You for your patience, support and understanding as we transition into this policy!

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    Why should I download the app?

    The PetDesk application makes it easy to manage your pet’s health. This free app lets you:

    • Set reminders for your pet’s recurring treatments and needs
    • Manage your pet’s veterinary, grooming, and boarding needs all in one place
    • Save photos of your pet
    • Take notes to keep in mind for your next pet care visit

    If your veterinary provider uses PetDesk, you get these additional benefits via the app:

    • Keep track of your pet’s appointment, vaccination, and medication history
    • Get reminders to book your pet care appointments
    • Schedule and confirm appointments easily
    • Receive messages from your veterinarian about prescription pick-ups and post-surgery updates
    What devices does the app work on?
    PetDesk is available on IOS and Android devices (Mobile or Tablet).
    How do I edit my email listed in the app?
    • Open the PetDesk App on your phone or tablet
    • On the “Pets” tab, tap the gear at the top right
    • Tap on the box located at the top of the screen, stating your Name, Email, Address, and Phone Number
    • Tap your email and delete the old one
    • Enter your new email
    • Tap “Update” or “Save” at the bottom to save changes
    • This updates your email in the app and with PetDesk communications